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  • RE: Personal Allowance reduced by £1,659

    I would like to know several things: a) I did not earn enough to pay any tax last year; why have I been taxed and why is it taking so long (it says I will receive a letter between June and November - if I get one - to redress this wrong and the rebate incumbent therein) b) I am not - for this tax year - on a REDUCED PERSONAL ALLOWANCE. (!!!) It is saying 1224L instead of 12570. Why? I am a widowed parent and really really struggling to live; this is so appalling, to inflict this sort of over taxation, a wait and then to make matters even more debilitating if that as even possible in this country which is in its knees - there is no explanation or anything anywhere explaining why my personal allowance has been calculated as lower than it should be. Nothing by way of reassurance. It beggars belief; no wonder everybody is trying to leave the UK and the suicide rate here is rocketing. I don't understand why my taxable allowance has dropped. The ONLY PEOPLE THIS APPLIES TO IS PEOPLE EARNING OVER 100K - ACCORDING TO HMRC'S OWN WEBSITE - AND THEY CAN SEE I DIDN'T EVEN EARN 12K LAST YEAR - YET THEY HAVE DROPPED MINE. Widowed mothers are on their knees and struggling at the best of times.