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  • How to use unclaimed overpaid tax to pay this year's tax bill

    I overpaid for 20/21 and have never reclaimed this back. I can this payment on my account. I need to make a payment for 21/22 and want to use the unclaimed payment to do this - but can't see a way of doing this. Will you automatically see that the overpayment from 20/21 will cover the payment for 21/22 - if so, how can I see confirmation of this? Will my account just y that there is no tax to pay?
  • Earnings through PAYE and small amount of income received as self-employed

    My daughter, who is a student has just started a part-time job. The total salary is about 3k per year. Her employer is looking at tax and has given her a form to complete which asks if she has any other employment. She doesn't have any other employment which would come under PAYE, but she does have employment where her earnings aren't subject to PAYE and she has been told that she is 'self-employed'. The earnings for the latter are about 2k per year. I have a couple of questions: Does she need to tell the latest employer about her 'self-employment' for tax purposes? Should she set herself up as self employed with the HMRC to ensure that the 2k is declared?