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  • Problems in updating main address in Self Assessment

    I find the self assessment system wrongly show my main address (but correct for post address, they are the same), I try to update it online but it is not allowed, and the website keeps referring me to use the same way to update my main address but it is not workable, it shows "You cannot use this service to update your address, The date you entered is earlier than a date previously held on your address record". May I have the email contact of UK gov so I can get update for my main address?
  • VAT for food from overseas

    Hi, may I know if we order some noodle from overseas, how much VAT we need to pay when it is arrived UK? we just order it through website of supplier overseas, thanks!
  • How to get the UTR

    Hi, I have both UK income and rental income from overseas, I would like to have the tax reporting through accountant but I need the UTR. But when I do the registration of "self-assessment" by SA1 online, I select "non-self employed", after login with the gateway code, I cannot find anywhere to find UTR, how can I get the UTR? I have waited for 1 month already, it is nothing received by post. or I should select "self-employed" (but I am not really self-employed)
  • Capital Gain/ Loss for Insurance package

    Hi Sir/ Madam, I moved from HK to UK since end of July2021, I have bought an insurance (as a kind of saving) in 2020 when I was living in HK but end it in Feb2022, finally I can get some money back but which is less than what I had paid in these last 2 years (e.g. I had paid for the insurance about HKD 60000 but I only can get back HKD 10000 when I end it), it is surely a capital loss, may I know if I can report for capital tax loss? if yes, may I know how can I get the correct exchange rate for reporting the money in GBP input and output in this case? as I paid and gain it in USD in different time point. If it is confirmed it is a "loss" in my capital gain tax reporting in 2021-22, and I also will have income tax reporting, will this capital "loss" give benefit to reduce my overall personal tax?
  • Several questions about personal income tax - split year/ rental income

    Hi, I moved from HK to UK since end of July2021, I am preparing for the income tax for 2021-22 and have a few questions: 1) As I had completed a tax clearance with HK by end of July for income from HK on Apr21-Jul21, can I apply for split year for 2021-22 UK income tax as I started full time job in UK since Aug2021? how can I apply for the split year? after application of split year, does it mean I no need to report for the income from Apr-Jul2021 from HK but only need to report the tax from Aug21-Mar22 in UK? and for the tax allowance in UK for 2021-22, will it still be GBP 12570 for my tax in Aug21-Mar22 or it will be deducted by ratio? 2) As we already moved from HK to UK, the house in HK (own by personal) is now rent out and I have rental income, may I know if there is any allowance for the income from rental of house in HK? can the expense of bank mortgage interest be counted as tax allowance? and for these income from HK, where I can find the correct exchange rate so I can report these income in GBP? 3) If I received a one-time welfare from non-UK government (I can provide document why I can receive it), do I need to pay for tax for those money?
  • Capital Gain Tax for a property with mix of living and rental

    Hi, we got BNO VISA and moved to UK in Jul2021, but our house in HK only will be sold in Jul2022 (1 year later). We noticed it will be 9 months tolerance to sell the house without paying the capital gain tax, and the house was bought from 2009 until now, we lived there from 2009 to 2020, and we rent it out from 2020-2022, we noticed the period of self living can be free of capital gain tax. So may we know how: 1) how to count the capital gain tax? is below formula correct? Capital gain tax = (Cost of house in 2022 - Cost of house in 2009) x 2/13 x tax rate? * 2/13 is the ratio of year that we rent the house out 2) Can the 9 month tolerance period be counted as free of capital gain tax period? 3) After we sell the house in HK, how should we report for the tax in UK? as we will use these money to buy a house in UK