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  • RE: Split Year Treatment - Home

    Yes, understood but my question still isn't answered. When I move from my overseas rented apartment to the overseas Airbnb (both in UAE), does the Airbnb still count as my overseas home? I would think that it does as this is my overseas home, and my belongings are there. Therefore, I will have an overseas home and UK home until 14 October, and on 15 October I will meet Case 4 as the UK will be my only home. Please confirm this is correct.
  • Split Year Treatment - Home

    I will qualify for split year treatment (Case 4 - Starting to have a home in the UK only) when moving back to the UK this tax year. Currently I have an apartment overseas where I live, and also a home in the UK. I will return to the UK on 15 October. The tenancy agreement on my apartment overseas ends of the 1 September, and extending the lease for 6 weeks is proving problematical, so I am considering an Airbnb rented apartment for this period. I will move here with my personal belongings for 6 weeks (until 15 October) before I return to the UK permanently. Will the Airbnb still be classed as my home, meaning that my split year date would be 15 October? I have read the SRT Guidance Note, and there doesn't appear to be any examples or guidance for this scenario.