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  • RE: Self Assessment Tax Return SA100

    Yeah, that’s really helpful then…..So your feedback is - we can’t help…..Wow!
  • RE: Self Assessment 2022-23

    Hi. That doesn’t really help does it? Clearly there is a problem with HMRC’s procedures here, and only HMRC can resolve this. Simply reiterating the current process doesn’t resolve the problem. So I would really appreciate it if you could either find a work around or escalate this matter further so that a resolution can be identified. Many thanks.
  • RE: Self Assessment Tax Return SA100

    Hello. And how do you propose to get the paper return to me when I am seemingly unable to receive post from HMRC? Please read my original request again, Thanks.
  • RE: Can I download and use the SA100 (2023) form ?

    Hi HMRC, When I try to file online via the HMRC portal it states that non residents (I.e. me) cannot. Has this now changed?
  • RE: Can I download and use the SA100 (2023) form ?

    Hi Wingsham. I relented and ended up using 123 e-filing (one of the HMRC recommended commercial software suppliers) and I have to say it was great. Easy to use and sign up for and cost only £15 and after I completed it I got an immediate email confirmation from HMRC that my return had been submitted. Here’s my question though. Why do HMRC not allow non-residents to file online via their portal but allow it through third party software companies… What a weird government department this is….Come on HMRC, sort it out!,
  • Self Assessment 2022-23

    As a non resident tax payer, who is unable to receive documentation from HMRC by post, and is finding the contact centre uncontactable, how do I get hold of form SA100?
  • Self Assessment Tax Return SA100

    Dear HMRC, Can you please put the SA100 for 2023 on your web portal for download for those taxpayers that live abroad and cannot receive postal mail from HMRC. Please do not direct me to the self assessment contact centre, I have tried many times to call them and never get answered.. Just allow us to download it, as was the case in previous years.. Many Thanks Kevin
  • RE: Can I download and use the SA100 (2023) form ?

    Please, please, please put the self assessment tax return SA100 on your website for download, just like in previous years. This is crazy!! How are people supposed to submit their tax information when the return is unavailable. Whoever created this years HMRC Business Processes needs to be examined… The post option does not work…… Thanks 
  • RE: Can I download and use the SA100 (2023) form ?

    Hi. I too usually download the forms for my wife and I, primarily because for some reason any mail sent by HMRC to my home in Thailand never arrives and HMRC instructed me to use the download option. I did manage to web chat with HMRC online, they did not seem to know the forms are no longer available online and couldn’t help me. I also contacted the non residents landlord team - they couldn’t help me. The main contact centre is simply unavailable. So - we want to submit our self assessment but HMRC does not give us access to the forms. Please HMRC, tell us what to do (and don’t say call the contact centre - you cannot). Thanks…