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  • RE: Apply for NT tax code

    Thanks Calvin. I have sent this shortly before eastern. Is there any way to track the process of this? And what happens if I haven't heard back until October 1st?
  • Employer NI Contributions for overseas staff

    Staff member is working fully remote abroad. He has a NT tax code and has written to HMRC enquiring a liability decision on whether he will be exempt from NI contributions as he is a tax resident abroad. How does that work on the employer side? What happens to the employers NI contributions that are derived from employee's salary?Are those being waived with the liability decision or do they still need to be pais regardles of where the emloyee is based/taxed? Many Thanks
  • RE: Apply for NT tax code

    Hey, I am in the same position. I'll be working fully remotely from Germany from October this year. I'll be a tax resident in Germany, hence I need a NT tax code. Is this process comoleted for you by now? By the looks of it o should action the process above asap. Regards, Fritz