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  • Joint accounts and the £10000 self assessment.

    Hi If the total savings interest from 5 joint accounts was say £12000 both people would declare £6000 each. In this case where does the £10000 self assessment come in. Do both people do a self assessment because the total interest is £12000 or do they not have to do self assessment as they are declaring £6000 each which would be under the threshold. Many thanks
  • RE: Reporting savings interest

    A few days ago the nationwide confirmed to my wife and I that they no longer forward savings interest to hmrc. Today we made a phone call to nationwide customer service and they also confirmed that they no longer forward savings interest to hmrc. They are adamant that it is the responsibility of the customer. Could hmrc clarify exactly what people should do who have saving interest to declare. Saving interest is over £1000 but under £10000. Early threads by hmrc are saying the banks send it. Could we have some clarification on this please so we can do the right thing.