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  • IHT allowance for non domicile and non resident spouse

    Hi, my spouse's status is 'non domicile' and 'non resident' in the UK for the treatment of income tax and CGT. However, I have read that he can write to HMRC to ELECT to be 'UK domicile' for the purpose of inheritance tax? Can you confirm this please? And if so, which HMRC department does he write to? Thank you for your help.
  • Adding my husband name to title deed

    Hi there. I would like to add my husband's name to a property that I hold in my sole name in the UK. Do I need a solicitor to do this? Also, he is a non resident and holds a BNO passport, how can he verify his ID? Thanks for your help.
  • IHT - 7 year rule

    Hi, if my parents gifted me an asset but I'm thinking of gifting it back, for IHT purposes, whose estate does the asset fall under should either party pass away? In other words, as 7 years has not passed since they gave me the asset, technically it is still under their estate and not mine, correct? Can you tell me if it affects my estate at all? E.g. if I died within 7 years of gifting it back to them, are there any IHT for my estate? It would seems unreasonable if the 7 year rule for gifting would apply to both estates in this case? Grateful if you could provide some clarification on the above situations. Thank you in advance.
  • Can I add my parents to a property they gifted me the money to buy?

    Hi there, my parents gave me money to buy a property last year, but we realised that it was not the right decision. We would like to add their names to the title deed. We are aware that their share would fall back into their estate for future IHT considerations but we are worried that HMCR would view this as a tax avoidance move. Could my parents write to HMRC e.g. the Stamp Duty Dept and voluntarily paid the stamp duty 3% of their share which is what would have been had if they purchased a 2nd property. They already have their own home. Thanks in advance for any advice that you could give me.
  • RE: Mother buying me a property.

    Hi there, sorry I forgot to add to my earlier post. What happens if instead of gifting back to my parents 100%, to be added back into their estate, can I gift 70% and keep 30% as I want to continue to live there? or would this be considered 'gifting with reservation'? I'm trying to explore different options. Thanks.
  • RE: Mother buying me a property.

    Hi there, my parents gifted money to me to buy a property a year ago but our circumstances have changed and I would like to gift the property back to them, so that it will be included in their estate when they pass for IHT considerations. But I will remain on the title deed. What IHT form do I need to complete? Also, what are the tax implications if I remain on the title deed e.g. do I have to pay CGT (if any) and when does this have to be paid? upon gifting? Thank you.