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  • Covered Call ETF's

    There are a number of companies now providing this type of ETF, these type of ETF do not seem to fall into the normal 3 categories of ETF. They pay dividends every month, dependant on how much they gain from selling covered calls, is this classed as CG or Income for tax purposes?
  • RE: Non-Listed US Option Income ETF

    Sorry this should have read Non-Reported, NOT non-listed
  • Non-Listed US Option Income ETF

    Hello, I have in my portfolio several of the above type of ETF's, which generate income by selling options which generate variable monthly returns which are paid as dividends, I pay USA withholding tax. I am not sure how these would be classified for UK tax purposes as Dividend income or straight forward income? If income can the withholding tax still be offset?
  • Married Couple Joint Accounts

    Hello, my wife and I have recently moved to the UK. All of of savings/investments are in joint accounts and have been for many since marriage. I have the following questions: 1/ With regard to dividend income and CGT from our joint investment account, we will have considerably more than the £10,000 of dividend how do we divide this, do we just take 50% of the value and both complete a self assessment return, same question for CGT? 2/ Will will mostly likely have have close to 200 dividend payments divided between several countries, can we total up for each country and then provide a spreadsheet to show the breakdown? Thank you for your assistance.
  • RE: Gibraltar Based QROPS Pension

    That's great,thank you for the help.
  • Gibraltar Based QROPS Pension

    HI I wonder if you can help, I have been non resident for over 10 years and have a Gibraltar based QROPS pension which is subject to Gibraltar taxes. I have now relocated back to the UK and wonder if I will end up with double taxation or will the tax I pay in Gibraltar be offset against UK tax. I have read the double taxation agreement between the UK and Gibraltar and to be honest I could not find where this situation was addressed, please can you advise?