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  • RE: HMRC owes me a tax refund. How to get it

    Thank you for replying. I followed your advice last night and was informed by chatbot that nobody was available. I will try again today during working hours. PS it would be helpful if there was a link to the log in page of the forum either from my self assessment account or from your email. I have had to scrabble around in google to find out how to log in. the link in your email took me to your comment but i could not reply because at the time i was not logged in to the forum and could not find a link to do so.
  • HMRC owes me a tax refund. How to get it

    Hi. I submitted my 2021-2022 self assessment tax form on 14 July 2022. I had overpaid tax but one year later and HMRC has still not paid it back to me. In previous years HMRC automatically sends it to me but not last year. On my account it says 'not yet used'. How do I get this money from you? Thanks
  • RE: Bank Repayment Pending

    Hi I usually have 'overpayment from tax return' and usually HMRC sends me the overpayment within a few weeks of me submitting my self assessment tax return. That was all fine. However last year, (2021/22) this did not happen. I submitted my return in July 2022 (one year ago). My HMRC account shows that I have overpayment owing and it is stated as 'not yet used'. How on earth do I get this money back from HMRC? Thanks