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  • How Register and File for Self Assessment from Overseas

    I am moving abroad in mid January and will be employed by an employer. I understand that I need to register for self assessment and file a tax return on the income I earn abroad until the end of the tax year, as I have been a resident in the UK this tax year. I have just tried to register and the form asks for the date I began receiving overseas income - obviously I have not started my job yet and don't know the pay date to fill it in in advance. However the form also asks for a UK address, so I won't be able to register once I've left the UK. Can I use my parents' address or does it need to be where I actually live as they will send letters/forms? How/when do I register and file from abroad? I tried speaking to an online agent and he told me I would need third party software, gave me a link to something unrelated, then told me he couldn't help as my question wasn't related to self assessment and ended the chat, so I'm none the wiser.
  • When Do I Need to Fill Out P85? No Overseas Address Yet

    The website seems to be telling me that I need to fill out a P85 form prior to leaving the UK to live and work abroad. However, early on in the online form it asks me for my overseas address. My new employer is putting me up in accommodation for four weeks when I arrive - but I assume I can't use this address as it is not 'my' address? The form also suggests they will/may contact me at this address, so I can't really use this address on the form. Can I fill in the form after I leave the UK and have my own address? I will have been out of the UK for over a month by this point. I've been running into this problem a lot, with Student Finance etc, where I'm supposed to fill in forms with addresses/payslips etc that I do not have yet and it's very frustrating.