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  • RE: Tax of fixed term saving and bonds

    Hi, I now undstand tax treatment on saving bonds and fixed term saving are the same. I also know that there is one kind of bond naming “personal portfoilio bond”. What is it exactly? What is the tax treament on this particular type of bond? Appreciate your reply and guidance. Thanks
  • RE: Tax Reporting Inquiry Regarding Foreign Life Insurance Dividends in Hong Kong

    I have similar questions about overseas insurance & saving plan and woud like to know more to help out filling in my tax return. I started an endowment saving-insurance plan in 2002. I paid premium for 15 years (ie from 2002-16) and the plan matured in 2017. From 2017, I started to receiving montly instalment payment of 1% of the Maturity Benefit for 10 consecutive years (ie payout will stop in 2027). In this case, do I have to report my “montly payout” in the tax return? If so, as dividend or interest income? More, I would be grateful if could let me know whether I am entitled to apply for any exemption on “premium paid”? Your information and advice are highly appreciated. Thanks in-advance for your kind help. Cheers
  • annuity payouts and unrealized insurance policy “interest and earnings”

    I came from HK and resided in UK for 1 year. This is my first year to report tax duty to HMRC. Pls kindly advise on the following: (1) I have a matured annuity plan issued by a HK banking institution which payouts monthly to my Hong Kong account. Can I apply for a tax exemption using PLA6 Form (for the capital in put in) ? If needed, which part of the form and section should I fill in my tax return form in the first place and claim a refund (if applicable). How would HMRC treat it , as income or as dividend? (2) I have a life insurance policy (life and critical illness insurance) issued by a HK company, and I am still making contributions each year. The cash value and interest income are reported in the annual report, but I never withdraw any income/interest. (Money is on roll -over basis with the insurance until I died). Do I need to report this “so called un-realized income”in my tax return? If applicable, where to fill in? (3) My husband also has an annuity plan and is still paying his premium. Like (2) he does not intend to withdraw any value, should he report any those unrealized earned interest? Look forward to hearing your replies. Thanks for your kind attention. Thanks for your kind help and guidance. Cheers
  • Unrealised Capital Gain/Loss on Shares

    I am holding a small amount of shares (at an overseas investment company). I brought them years ago that stock prices went up and down over very often Now, I decided to keep them for a prolonged period of time. In this case, do I need to report those "unrealised profit/loss" in my tax return each year? (or course, I will report dividend payments, if any). Love to hear your reply and advice. Cheers
  • Life Annuity Saving Policy still In-force with no payouts

    I currently have an saving annuity policy (issued by an overseas financial provider) .I know there is a certain amount of cash value that is lesser than I paid (say I contributed 5000USD but cash value as of today is only 2000USD). However, as you may be aware, it amount will build up over years. Just want to know if I withhold the policy until dead with no cash or dividend withdrawals/payouts in between and gift it to my son at the end, do I have to file a tax return now? Or I need to report tax if I withdraw money/surrender policy with payouts certain years later. Pls kindly advise. Thanks