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  • RE: RSU capital gains reporting

    Thankyou. I've filled in the foreign - employment, self employment and other income. I had the rsu gross pay, and rsu deduction on the same pay slip in GBP, so I just put those two figures in as the Taxable amount and the foreign tax paid respectively. With respect to capital gains. I did sell as soon as i was able to, but the lag in the system meant the value of the RSU's had decreased by 8%. I made a loss upon selling them compared to the value when they vested, which is the value I paid tax on through payroll. Can you give me more detail on what to do with this please? Do I report a capital loss in the foreign secion & fill in the "Listed shares and securities" section to do this? All the boxes in this section are (optional)?
  • RSU capital gains reporting

    I had RSU's vest in March 2023, my employer is a subsidiary in the UK but the parent company is in the US and the shares were in dollars. It was all handled through payroll and I paid tax PAYE. I assume as this is included in my P60 I don't need to enter these details anywhere on the self assessment as it's part of my income and tax paid figures already? In addition, I sold the stock in the same month from my net benefits US account at a loss. The value dropped from when they had vested a few weeks earlier. Should I fill in a capital gains worksheet in my self assessment to register this loss, or does it go in the "foreign income" sectino as a loss?