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  • Share aquastion data

    Good afternoon I have capital gains to declare by the sale of shares , on the self assessment it asking for the date the shares were purchased but the shares were purchased over a number of years through a employment investment scheme . What date should I enter. Thanks
  • Notification of foreign income

    Good morning my question is if I have only completed one self assessment for 2023/2024 and I have realised I undeclared foreign income from a previous year can I go back and input the undeclared foreign income or would that only be possible if I had completed a self assessment for the previous year. Thanks.
  • RE: Foreign Dividend re-invested

    Thank you for your reply, When you say reinvested by " my self" would this include share dividend on shares that I opted to have reinvested rather than taking the dividend in cash . Thanks.
  • Tax on foreign share dividend

    Good morning, I would like some direction on US share dividend reporting, On help sheet titled "Tax on dividends " on bottom of page 1 it says you do not pay Tax on any dividend income that falls within your personal allowance. So if I had US dividend of £2900.00 minus dividend allowance and I still had my full personal allowance would I not pay any tax . But Would I still have to report it under foreign income on a self assessment, Thanks,
  • Sale of us stock

    Good morning, I have some US shares which I believe will be subject to capital gains tax when sold is this correct. Thanks
  • Foreign Dividend re-invested

    Good morning. I am looking for some direction in the following. I have some listed USA shares which I get dividends from which are then reinvested. What I want to know is do I need to report these on my self assessment under foreign income? Barring in mind that I have not used any of my personal allowance.