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  • RE: HMRC not answering phones, 3rd day and cannot get through to speak on their help line

    I have been ringing almost daily since the beginning of February. Hours and hours on hold day after day with the same result. ‘Thank you for your call goodbye’ and cut off everytime after 45 mins. HOW can you not have an email address???? It’s 2023!!!?? It is now coming to the end of April and I am still waiting for the money you owe me despite having requested it countless times since January and being issued with an utterly pointless submission reference. 2 days of your claim is being processed then it goes back to ‘click here if you want refund paid into your account’ . Only nothing ever happens. And you never answer the phone. How is it possible to TALK to someone????
  • HOW CAN I GET MY TAX REFUND BACK???? Nothing ever happens to my request online?

    I filed my self assessment in January and was owed a sum as a refund due to over paying my tax on account the previous year. I have followed the links in my account to give my bank details, passed the security stuff and got a submission reference. On checking back after a few days there is no mention of the refund or submission reference and again I am told to 'click here to claim your tax refund to your bank account' - did it ALL again and got ANOTHER Submission reference. Waited a week - nothing. Went online to check again - same thing. No mention anywhere of the refund or submission reference / progress / update - nothing....and again I am told to 'click here to claim your tax refund to your bank account' - so guess what I did it again and got another Submission reference etc. We are now coming to the end of April - I now have 14 Submission references since January for the SAME THING from HMRC saying we have received and are processing then it just goes back too square 1???? I have also been ringing HMRC daily for over 4 weeks - they never answer the phone??? Or it just cuts off. Can anyone help me please I really need my money back and I just cannot get ANYWHERE with getting thru to HMRC. TIA