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  • RE: Address To Use

    Hi, I am a British Citizen currently tax resident in India. I have my Indian postal address registered with HMRC as my principal residence. Since HMRC mostly communicates with the tax payers through post instead of emails, many of these important papers don’t reach me in time. My daughter, who too is a British citizen, resides in the UK. 1. Can I submit my daughter’s UK address as my “Correspondence address” to HMRC so as to promptly receive all HMRC communications? 2. Or is it better to simply use the “Change of Address” process of HMRC to change my address to the UK address of my daughter?
  • RE: Paid Voluntary NI contributions - How long is updating of the online NI records taking?

    After consulting the DWP/Pension Centre helpline, I made two voluntary Class 3 NI payments (on 17th February 2023 and 7th March 2023) to convert my twelve “Gap” years to “Full” status using the above 18-digit reference number given by HMRC helpline (0300 20 3500). I also specified the years each of these two payments are to be allocated to the HMRC helpline agent. I was told that these payments would be reflected in my NI record within 8 weeks. It has been over 13 weeks since my first payment and 11 weeks since my second payment. I am due to get my State Pension in October 2023 and am really concerned that these payments are still not reflecting in my NI record.
  • RE: 18 digit ref for voluntary contribution

    Hello! I have an 18-digit reference number starting with “6099999” which was given to me on 7th Feb 2023 by a very helpful HMRC agent which helped me make voluntary Class 3 NI contributions for multiple years prior to 2016-2017 (including year 2016-2017). I now wish to make Class 3 NI contributions for five years from 2017-18 to 2021-22. From my NI record, I know the amounts to be paid for each of these years to convert them to “Full” status. I have also confirmed with the DWP/Pension Centre Helpline that these amounts will enhance my State pension entitlement. My queries: 1) Can I use the same 18-digit reference number (“6099999….”) issued to me on 7th Feb 2023 to make a one-time payment for these five years? 2) Can I also use the same reference number for making a one-time Class 3 voluntary contribution for the current tax year (2022-2023)?