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  • Ni class 2 contributions paid through self assessment

    I paid £163.80 through self assessment 22/23 in September 2023 but still not showing on my ni account. How long does it take as still showing as paid £163.80 on my tax account?. Thanks
  • Tax on savings interest income and starting rate for tax £5k

    My wife is confused about why her tax code has been reduced to 1050L P60 income for 22/23 was £10444 tax code 1238L and savings interest £470 P60 income for 23/24 was £10882 tax code 1226L and savings interest £1830 She’s logged into her HMRC to check her NI and realised that in November her tax code was reduced to 1085L and has been reduced again for 24/25 to £1050. She’s had no letters from HMRC or emails advising there’s a change to her tax code and can’t get through on the phone to enquire. Every time she contacts HMRC she’s cut off after 30 minutes. annual salary is £10654, interest is £1711 and total income is £23 over the personal tax allowance and now she’ll be paying tax on and doesn’t appear to be allowed any of the £5000 starting rate for tax allowance? She’s under the impression £10654 salary, £1711 interest and as her total income is under £17570 she qualifies for starting rate for savings? Is she incorrect in her understanding how the starting rate for savings works? Any help appreciated! Thank you