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  • NRL scheme and double taxation for UK property income

    Dear all, I currently reside abroad and receive property income in the UK. I have already applied and joined the Non-Resident Landlord (NRL) scheme. Additionally, in my new country of residence in Europe, I have been taxed for the UK property income for the calendar year 2022 (tax year is the calendar year). I understand that I can fill in the Double Taxation Treaty Relief form. If that form is processed and sent to HMRC, do I still need to file a self-assessment form? Thank you!
  • Change tax residency in SA form

    Dear all, I moved to another European country a couple of years ago and since I receive UK income through property, I'm trying to do the tax return for '22/'23. For the year '21/'22, a tax agency did my return, but I prefer to do it myself this year. When I try to complete the form, under the filed 'taxpayer residence status', I only get the options English and NI/Welsh/Scottish. My address already shows up as abroad in the form. Is there a way to change the taxpayer status? Or should it rather stay as is and 'tax residency' is for the purposes of the UK-generated income only? Thank you!