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  • RE: I chose to pay my tax bill via my PAYE tax code I received a text asking me to pay my tax bill.

    Likewise - requested to repay my 2021-22 bill via my tax code, met all the stated critera, then had a few reminder emails in January that the payment deadline was approaching which also included the wording "Already paid, set up a Direct Debit or chosen to pay through your tax code? Thank you – you don’t need to do anything else.". Having chosen to do that, and not having heard anything from HMRC to indicate this wouldn't be possible, it seemed entirely reasonable that I could believe the email when it said I didn't need to do anything else. So you can imagine my surprise and dismay when, a couple of months later, I was notified that due to failing to pay by the end of January, I'd been penalised. Now that we've entered the new tax year, I can also see that my tax code has definitely not been adjusted, so it does indeed appear that my request has been silently ignored/refused, leaving me with having to repay in full ASAP (with the resultant short-term strain on my finances it'll incur) as well as hoping the appeal I submitted against the penalty/interest is a success. To say that I'm not happy at this would be putting it mildly - I genuinely don't understand what I've done wrong to have been deemed ineligible for repayment via tax code, or why I've then been penalised for failing to make a payment I wasn't aware I needed to make until HMRC told me I'd been penalised for not having made it already...