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  • RE: Employee expenses

    These are allowable expenses, I have not received P11D. My understanding is that these expenses are not taxable so would not appear on any P11D. They should be paid to me with tax and NI relief automatically. The amount for expenses on my payslips matches what I personally paid. I think I should simply not have declared these expenses on self assessment, and should now rectify that.
  • Employee expenses

    I have received reimbursed expenses from my employer via payroll for travel, accommodation and subsistence. As those appear on my payslips as expenses I have added those as expense payments received when filling in my online self assessment. The amount appearing on my payslips is the total amount paid both by me and to me. In adding that on self assessment as I have that is then added to my total income received, and is therefore taxed. It doesn't seem right that I should be taxed on those expenses. Presumably I should receive a year end P11D detailing these expenses. Is it likely that the P11D will provide information that might somehow allow me to reclaim the tax on these expenses ?
  • Benefit in kind, taxed twice

    My pay slips have medical and dental insurance with comment to say these are notional benefits received but not paid. I have summed these and entered on self assessment as taxable benefits. I now think I should not have done that as tax for these will already have been paid through payroll deductions. Is that correct?