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  • RE: Online account blocked for almost a year with no update

    I hope this helps. tldr - My account was suspended in January 2023 and I got it reinstated today by calling 03002003310. Tax interest and penalties were levied sneakily without information, meanwhile. You cannot make a new account. I tried the same and kept getting blocked by an error. In January 2023, I received a letter saying that "for security reasons" my UTR had been blocked. This stopped me from doing anything on self-assessment online, I couldn't even view the tax statements, let alone file any returns. The letter said that the UTR will be opened backed up in 60 days. However, when I contacted HMRC online after 60 days, I was asked to wait for another 60 days and told that I won’t be penalised for this as it wasn’t my fault. It still didn’t open. I contacted HMRC once more after a few months and the same response, without any outcomes. Then a month or so ago, I received another letter stating all interest and penalties that had piled up in that time. So I called HMRC at 03002003823, after a 30 minute wait, I got through to someone and was advised to call 03002003310 to get the penalties removed as they weren’t my fault. Not sure why we need to do department hops, but being a powerless citizen of this nation, I followed. Today when I called 03002003310, after a 52 minute wait, I got through to someone, they unlocked my UTR and for the first time since January 2023, I got access to my account. Unfortunately, they can’t handle penalty removal for previous years in this department, so that needs to be a separate appeal. Hence, call 03002003310 asap and get your account unlocked.