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  • Foreign Property Income Distributions

    I have some dividend income from a foreign REITs. May I have your advise where should these income (froeign PIDs) to be declared in the self assessment? Divideneds from foreign companies or Income from land and property abroad? Thank you.
  • Foreign REITS Dividends and Foreign Tax Credit Relief

    1. Is it correct to report Dividends from a foreign REITs under the section "Income from land and property abroad" in Form SA106? 2. In Form SA106, I reported foreign tax taken off for dividends from a US company (GBP 270, 15% of total dividends) and a REITs in US (GBP 457, also 15% of total dividends). The total amount I claim for the foreign tax is GBP 727. However, the auto calcuation shown that the total foreign tax credit relief is just GBP 615. I think the maximum percentage of foreign tax claim relief for US stock and REITs is 15%. I am in doubt of the foreign tax credit relief amount by auto calculation.