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  • RE: P45

    Good afternoon, I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to seek guidance regarding my former employer's refusal to provide my P45. Today, I contacted HMRC for assistance, but was informed that they are unable to help in this matter. The HMRC agent advised me to contact ACAS at 0300 123 1100. However, when I called ACAS, an automated response indicated that they could not assist with issues related to P45 or P60 documents. Given that my former employer's refusal to provide a P45 appears to be in violation of legal requirements, I am unsure of the next steps to take. Could you please advise on the appropriate course of action to resolve this issue? Thank you for your assistance. Best regards, “ By law your employer must give you a P45 - ask them for one. You can check how much tax you paid last year if you think you might have paid too much.” “What to do if your employer won't give you a P45? Assuming this isn't your first job, and your old boss doesn't send you a P45, you need to start kicking up a fuss. That means nudging them directly to request your P45 – and doing it repeatedly if necessary until you get your form. They're breaking the law if they don't send it, so don't be afraid to shout out.” “Is it illegal for a company to withhold your P45? “Are Employers Legally Obliged to Provide a P45? It it required by law for employers to provide you with your P45. Employers categorically DO NOT want to be under investigation by HMRC as the penalties can be severe and there is a lot of additional stress involved, as well as the impact of any reputational damage.” “Am I legally entitled to my P45? The Income Tax (Pay as You Earn) Act 2003 states that an employer must provide a P45 on the employees last day of employment or without “unreasonable delay”. There is no specific time-frame, but it is understood that employers are expected to provide it on the employee's last day of employment.” “Who do I ring to get my P45? Contact your employer for missing or incorrect P45s, HMRC can help if needed. Submit your final P45 to your pension provider to ensure correct tax coding.!” / I called today as advised, and subsequently contacted ACAS. Unfortunately, ACAS was unable to assist with this issue.