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  • Self Assessment 2022/23 Deadline + Re-registering

    Hi, Am I correct in thinking that it is January 31st 2024 as the tax return submission date for the 2022/23 tax year, or is there anything that I need to pay prior to this? I have started earning as of May 2022. Also, I have re-registered early as self-employed; however, after clicking submit on the online CWF1 form, I was subsequently re-directed to the sign-in page -- is there any way to actually confirm that the re-registration has been received on HMRC's end? Thanks
  • Tax Codes - Two Jobs

    Hello, I have started a new job, which is zero hours and thus a bit unpredictable. I've selected Option B on the Starter Checklist. However, I may soon be starting a second job with a fixed annual salary. My concern is that, if successful, I would then be forced to pick Option C on the Starter Checklist simply because I had already started another job. The problem with that would be that the high-paying job would be fully taxed on a BR code, and my 12570 allowance would be wasted on the zero hours job. I'd like for it to be the opposite way around. As the first pay for both jobs would likely be at the end of the same month, I'm wondering - can anything be done to avoid such a situation in advance or can HMRC only switch/reassign tax codes post-payslip? Many thanks