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  • RE: Do we need to submit tax return?

    Sorry, just to clarify. She paid some of the CGT at 18% and some at 28% because the capital gain on top of her income exceeded the basic rate limit. Does that make any difference?
  • Do we need to submit tax return?

    Hi, I’m helping my mother-in-law with her tax. She’s a basic rate taxpayer with a state pension, small employer pension and interest on savings over £1000. She doesn’t usually need to complete a tax return. But this year she sold a property and made a capital gain. I’ve helped her report the gain and she’s paid CGT based on her estimated income for last year. Does she need to complete a tax return to provide details of her actual income? Won’t HMRC have that info anyway from her P60 and savings provider?
  • RE: Declaring inheritance

    Hi, I am the executor of my aunt's estate. I've paid income tax from the estate on savings and dividend income which accrued on savings interest and dividend income. I have prepared R185 for each of the beneficiaries, myself included, but see that you can't submit the details of that estate income on our own tax returns using the online service. Do we all have to submit paper returns to tell HMRC about the estate income - even if there is no extra tax to pay for basic rate taxpayers?