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  • RE: Another HMRC error and this time seeking swifter resolution

    I am perfectly aware that this is a legal requirement and here lies the problem created by HMRC. We are seeking authority for CIS as clearly stated however misenterpreted upon the application, for which we hold all screenshots. The option to select authority for CIS is unavailable yet it is for Paye, hence, we know that the HMRC operative has made this mistake once again. Your advice to therefore call the employers helpline is therefore quite useless if we must hold authority. I was hoping for a direct route to resolution through this forum.
  • RE: Another HMRC error and this time seeking swifter resolution

    Thank you. Please however noet that from previous experience and as stated during the very long 'hold' process, we are advised that help cannot be offered without authorisation being in place. Are you suggesting that the employers helpline will actually take the call and assist in the absence of authority Thanks for your time
  • Another HMRC error and this time seeking swifter resolution

    The problem we are about to describe has happened three times to us now this year and the remedy is an awful lot of work on our part, and, stress on the client, simply because it appears HMRC have failings in correctly setting up Paye/CIS Schemes. We registered our client as a contractor and have screenshots of the process, one we have undertaken on many occasions. Once again, its seems the HMRC operator has failed to read the information correctly and has set up an employer scheme as opposed that of a contractor. Not only can we not prepare verifications as a result, let alone make monthly returns, but now we are expected to seek authority as an employer and in the meantime our client will doubtless receive fines for late submissions which we will later be requested to write in and appeal. This has been the case in the past and quite frankly its time HMRC either made it easier to correct this problem or we shall charge client for our time and seek compensation from HMRC. We are hopeful that having read this thread that someone reaches out and offers to correct the problem for us Look forward to hearing from you
  • Will FHL be liable to Vat

    Our clients have traded as a Vat registered building repair partnership for many years. The husband and wife have purchased a residential property which is going to be let upon a residential basis, indeed this is outside the scope of Vat. They are intending to jointly purchase another residential property and the wife will likely operate this as a Furnished Holiday Let herself. Our concern is that as she will be managing this herself (as a separate legal entity) that the rents may immediately be subject to Vat due to the current registration of the existing Partnership. We see this as a distinctly separate form of business and as she would be undertaking all aspects of managing this herself that it should not be subject to Vat