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  • MCI

    I have received my activation code but can't access due to MCI
  • RE: No 'service I can add'

    Thank you but there is no enrol for service to do this , that is the problem. I have written to them but have still not received a reply . There is simply nothing on my account to bring up SA . Even if they sent me an activation code there is nowhere to put it .
  • RE: No 'service I can add'

    This just takes me to my Government Gateway to sign in ? This takes me my account page . Like I said my account doesn't have an 'ADD' page to create anything further in order to create a SA page . I do not have a tile of an ability to add a tile on my account page
  • No 'service I can add'

    I don't have a self assessment tile or service I can add on my online tax account . I can sign in ok and there is information but not these so can't do my self assessment . Any ideas please ?
  • No Self Assessment Tile on my online account error

    I read that I may have two accounts online . This may be the case with me , I made one in error . How do I delete the one I don't need . I haven't received my activation code as yet and if I did have it , I think this error would also stop me activating it . Any advice please . Thank you
  • Capital Gains advice

    I purchased a property in 2008 . My sister helped me buy it as I didn't have quite enough money . Both names were put on the property and mortgage . My sister has never lived there and I repaid her the money she gave me . Unfortunately , my sister got very ill and even though we sought advice about removing her name from the ownership , with never proceeded as her illness occupied our focus . Obviously we should have removed her name years sooner but her illness made things difficult . The problems we have is we will have to pay CGT if we sell , when I have been the only one living there , my sister has always had her own property . This is my main residence and that is hers . Obviously we should have removed the name a lot sooner , but her illness forced this onto the back burner . We have sought some legal advice , who told us the fact we have a letter showing we did approach a solicitor with intention to do this does help us . I would welcome any advice . Thank you