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  • RE: nomination of main residence

    Thank you HMRC Administrator. For my question (2) above, is it true that a nomination made would continue to stand unless there is change in condition, such as a change in residence? Most grateful if you would also address questions (3) and (4) above regarding day count test and the requirement for documentary evidence in support of a private residence relief claim. Many thanks.
  • RE: nomination of main residence

    Hi HMRC Administrator, Most grateful for your advice on the following - (1) How can I make a notice under s222(5)TCGA92 to nominate my main residence? I understand that there is no prescribed form for this purpose. Who should I write to and in what format? (2) If there is no change in my condition after the nomination of main residence, do I need to make the notice again two years after the nomination? (3) I newly became a UK tax resident after moving to the UK from Hong Kong last year but I am still holding a property which I bought in 2004 and used as my main residence over the years. This has not been let out and this is the place where I stay whenever I return occasionally to Hong Kong. Do I need to satisfy the days count test in order to nominate this property as my main residence ? (4) I have not kept all the utilities bills/bank statements with that main address in Hong Kong for the whole period since its acquisition. Would it be sufficient for me to provide such letters in recent months as documentary proof? I honestly have lived in this place over the years and I do not have any other alternative residence in the city before coming to the UK. Thank you.
  • RE: SA 109

    Hi HMRC Administrator, I moved to UK in June 2022 and first stayed in a hotel for a month before getting a rental apartment in July 2022. To complete Box 6 of the form SA109 about the timing when the UK part of the tax year 2022/2023 begins, should I enter the date when I landed in the UK and stayed in the hotel or the date when I started living in a rental apartment ? Most grateful for your advice.
  • RE: Filling in SA106

    Hi HMRC Administrator, Please kindly advise on following two questions - (1) If I have interests earned on savings in GBP and other currencies in several bank accounts in the overseas and I keep the interests earned in these accounts, should I tick Box 1 " Unremittable Income", before providing the details on pages F2/3 of SA 106? (2) Do I need to provide bank statements in completing and submitting SA106? If not, at what stage will I be asked to provide the documents and what would be the acceptable document format for submission? Thank you.
  • Untaxed foreign interest

    Hi HMRC, I have untaxed foreign interest earned in bank accounts in two different countries outside the UK. The amount in each case is under the threshold of GBP 2000 but if taken together, will go beyond GBP 2000. In that case, should I report under UK interest or should I report under Foreign pages in SA 100. Grateful for your advice.
  • RE: Foreign Income

    Thank you HMRC. Your information is clear.
  • RE: Capital gain on foreign exchange trades

    Hi HMRC administrator, I have a question following the thread. It is my understanding that foreign exchanges in foreign currency bank accounts should no longer give rise to chargeable gain under CG 78321 from 6 April 2012, unless the exchanges involve other types of investment in other currency-related assets. I therefore could not figure out why the author in the above case needs to work out and report the "gains" in the transactions. Most grateful for your enlightenment.
  • Foreign Income

    Hi, I newly became a UK resident during the 2022/2023 financial year. I should be grateful for advice on the following questions: (1) I have already retired from the Hong Kong civil service in 2021 and I am receiving monthly pension payment from the Hong Kong government, Is it true that with the avoidance of double taxation agreement between Hong Kong and the UK, my pension payment in Hong Kong is not subject to UK tax? (2) I have also continued to keep some savings in my bank accounts in Hong Kong and overseas account in Singapore. They are income earned from my previous employment over the years without any new money except for the interest earned. I know that the interest earned in all accounts for my period in UK during the tax year is subject to UK tax. But do I need to pay additional income tax if I transfer money from my Hong Kong and Singapore accounts to my bank account in the UK? Thank you.