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  • RE: Variable Direct Debit to pay PAYE

    I really don't want to have to phone anyone. Making phone calls to try to do any business is very stressful for me and holding on in a queue is expensive in time and phone call cost. Why can't someone just explain on this forum? The answer would then also be here for someone else to see if they need to know.
  • RE: Variable Direct Debit to pay PAYE

    I have already read all the guidance and noted that it said that the DD can be set up through the online account but when I try to do this I just keep getting sent around in circles (as I mentioned in my post). If I try to set up a new DD, it only gives the option to set up a single payment (as if paying for a particular month). How do I set up the variable (automatic) DD?
  • Variable Direct Debit to pay PAYE

    I currently pay our PAYE liability by setting up a single payment each month. I use HMRC basic tools. I just read in the HMRC employer bulletin that it's possible to set up a variable direct debit so that HMRC automatically take the payment due as per the FPS. Although I have also found reference to this whilst logged into our HMRC account, I can't find out how to set this up as the system keeps taking me round and round in circles. Can anyone help with a direct link or instructions please? Thank you.
  • PT fixed term contract ending & new one starting after s break

    Me and 4 colleagues have short term (all less than one year) part time fixed term contracts ending 31 March. We will then be given new (again, short term fixed) contracts after a break of about 2 weeks (the organisation is closed for 2 weeks). Some may have different hours/increased pay. We are all happy with this. Does the employer need to mark us all as terminated with HMRC (they use Basic Tools) and issue a P45 and then set us all up again?