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  • RE: Employment History

    Hello, I need to get proof of 5 five-year employment history to submit it to my new employer but my name/NI number is connected directly to the private company I have run and when I log in to the Business Gateway, I am taken to "Business Account" not "Personal Tax Account" and do not see "Pay As You Earn" to click to view the employment history. Rather I see "PAYE for employers" on my account. I have been a director of the company since 2016, but I got re-employed by another company for 2022-2024. Would you advise me on how to access to the employment history in this situation?
  • RE: How long should I wait to re-register VAT (voluntary VAT)?

    Thank you very much. Is a personal UTR mandatory on Question #25 in the VAT1 application form?
  • How long should I wait to re-register VAT (voluntary VAT)?

    We are a small business with two employees. We de-registered VAT at the end of May 2023 and are preparing to dissolve the company in September 2023. However, we have started seeing business opportunities and want to re-register for VAT voluntarily again as some clients would like us to have a VAT registration number for trading. Are there any grace periods for re-registering VAT voluntarily or any penalties for quickly re-registering it (with mismanagement of the business plan)? Thank you very much.