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  • RE: UTR address update

    Dear HMRC, In 2022/2023, my address is HK address as a foreginer when I apply my UTR and I have no Personal tax account at that moment. And I arrive UK on Aug2023, I setup my personal tax account as a local resident, However, the UTR information can't be found. how can I intergate my UTR to my personal tax account? Please advice, Thx.
  • personal account setup for UTR

    Dear HMRC, As a foreigner in 2022/2023, I don't have a "personal tax account"and I applied for my UTR overseas for my UK property investment. And I arrive UK on Aug 2023, I found my current personal tax account doesn't show my UTR information, How can I inform HMRC to update my UTR to my current personal tax account? I try to phone to HMRC but I can't get to the point to talk to HMRC adviser via its telephone system and always direct me to web/app. would you please advice if any key word to HMRC voice tel system to HMRC advicer? Thx
  • UTR address update

    Dear HMRC, I have a UTR for property inverment on 2022/2023, and I arrive UK on Aug2023, Do I need to update HMRC seperately related to UTR address update? As my persona tax accounts didn't show UTR information?only show NI number and my UK address on my profile and seting. Thz
  • UTR application

    Dear HMRC, I am employed in 2023/2024 and I have some forigen inomce over 5000 pounds, I think I need to submit the self-assessment for HMRC, Do I need to apply UTR for preparing the tax retrun and where I can apply UTR? online? Thanks
  • RE: Balance income on US bonds maturity

    Dear HMRC, Refer to reply form "HMRC Admin 21" , DDS inestment should report to Box3 SA101 Ai1, Q1. May I ask what format I can refer to so that I can prepare the attactment? Q2, The coupon recieved from DDS should also report to box 3 of SA101 (page Ai1) or to SA106? please advice. Q3. The allowable costs are the acquisition and disposal costs should also reflect to box 3 of SA101 (page Ai1) attachment as "HMRC Admin 5" reply this cost can offset the incom. Am I correct? Thank you