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  • RE: P11D (Private Medical Treatment) provided by my employer

    Dear sir / madam, Thanks for reply. The point is that for 2022-23 tax year, other than PAYE, I didn’t have other taxable income was liable for tax, therefore, I didn’t require to submit self assessment tax return for 2022-23. I have consulted with my company payroll department, if I didn’t require to submit a tax return, the taxation should be reflected through tax code change on PAYE. I don’t need to do anything. Therefore, in this case, can you confirm is it I don’t need to do anything as I didn’t require self assessment tax return for 2022-23? Thanks
  • RE: P11D (Private Medical Treatment) provided by my employer

    Dear sir/madam, Thanks for input. However, I am bit confused now. I have timeline as below, will this P11D benefit has already been taken into account on tax code changed and taxed? 1/ On Jun 2023, I received P11D advice from my employer. (I double checked recently, P11D should be required submitted by employer to HMRC on July 2023.) 2/ On 04 July 2023, I received an email from HMRC notifying me my tax code was changed. During time, I didn’t have job change/pay change/pension change. Please comment. Thanks
  • RE: P11D (Private Medical Treatment) provided by my employer

    Dear Sir / Madam, Thanks for reply. As I don't have other Tax Liability out of PAYE for 2022-23, so on Nov 2023, I have submitted a request on cancel Self Assessment Tax Return 2022-23. And this has been accepted with Reference number: [Deleted by Admin]. Therefore, I don't have any tax return submitted online or post for 2022-23. So if now I need to inform HMRC on this missing declaration, is there any official form required? If through a letter, any standard/formal format? Any Sample? Where should I send the letter to with who's attention? Pls help to check and advise. Thanks
  • P11D (Private Medical Treatment) provided by my employer

    Dear Sir / Madam, I Just discovered that on Jun 2023 my employer had sent an email and attachment to me that there is a P11D Employee Advice 2022/23, which stated there is Private Medical benefit of £932.32. I further checked thru HMRC website, look like this benefit should be required to declare on Self assessment tax return 2022-23, then being taxed accordingly, but I have missed. So now, even is already late, what should I do to re-submit this declaration to HMRC? Please kindly help to check and advise. Thanks.
  • Capital Gains Tax on Selling Shares

    I am an UK resident. I have sold some shares on 06-Apr-2022. The Selling market value is GBP 26,579.36. After deducting cost, the Net Gain is GBP 10,488.90. I have questions as below, can you help to review and advise? 1. According to the 2022-2023 annual tax-free allowance or known as the annual exempt amount (AEA), the amount is GBP 12,300.00, so does it mean that I will not need to pay any Capital Gain Tax? 2. The total amount of sold shares, GBP 26,579.36, is less than 4 times of allowance GBP 12,300.00 (total GBP 49,200.00), does it mean that I do not need to report for any Capital Gain Tax? Thanks.
  • RE: Private Residence Relief

    Thanks for valuable input. Yes, I am UK resident. In brief, I would not need to submit anything on account page of "Report and pay Capital Gains Tax on UK property", am I right? Thanks.
  • Private Residence Relief

    I sold my main home on Sep. I fulfilled the all 5 requirements of Private Residence Relief. On Gov web site, it mentioned I should automatically entitle this full relief and no need to pay for Capital Gains Tax. But I am now doubt do I need to submit any form or report to declare I entitled the Private Residence Relief?