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  • Child benefit - BNO VISA

    I want to ask if BNO VISA allows to apply Child Benefit or not? If not , how can I cancel? I just submitted my document last month and not yet receive any credits (as of Jan 23, 2024). So if I cannot apply, what should I do?
  • Marriage Allowance

    I want to know if my income is £50,280 (> $50270) and my husband has no job so no income in the tax year. Can I used the marriage allowance which he can transfer his allowance to my? Cause the example is only saying for basic rate.
  • RE: Not receiving the UTR number

    This is my first year to submit as I arrive UK on Nov 2022 (and start working in Nov 2022). I submitted the Self Assessment online 2 times (9/28, 10/3) but still no mail / email return for any UTR number. And I tried to call the self assessment number 0300 200 3310 and it will kick me off when I say I don't have UTR number. So how can I connect the self assessment team? Any email that I can write to? Also cause I am not sure the charge for that 0300 number will have a huge phone bill for me or not. I have submitted my paper tax return on Oct 28 (Sat) and have the proof of sending from post office. On my paper form I put down I have request for UTR number but no UTR number return to me
  • RE: Not receiving the UTR number

    Still no UTR number. What to do?
  • Not receiving the UTR number

    I submitted my online Self Assessement on Sep 28 but still not receiving any mail or when I checked my Tax profile, no UTR number. Today is Oct 18 already and I am afraid of delaying in submitting the Tax return form this year with deadline Oct 30, 2023