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  • RE: CGT on Gifts to your spouse

    I understand there are no liabilities but in the earlier reply, "The gift would need to be done prior to any sale and you would need to notify HMRC so that you are then not classed as the owner of the shares should you sell them within your own account." How can one notify HMRC?
  • EIS loss relief

    Hi, Few years back I has loss on EIS investment and I was not aware at that time how to claim the loss relief. I do get email every year for filing tax returns even though my main income is through PAYE. I did sent a letter to HMRC about claiming loss relief but I haven't got any reply ever. I was able to see receipt of my letter on HMRC website at that time. Now I don't see any record of that communication. Company was sold for loss in May of 2018. Is there a way to claim loss relief now? Thank you
  • RE: CGT on Gifts to your spouse

    What are the mechanics for notifying HMRC? How to record gifting of shares and notifying. Just notifying is enough or one has to wait for some confirmation from HMRC, as any communication from HMRC takes very long time it might not be feasible in all cases to wait for a acknowledgement. Thank you.