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  • 22/23 National Insurance contributions

    I turned 66 in July 23 and am now in receipt of my state pension - not the maximum pension as I did not have sufficient contributions. Will I be able to make a voluntary contribution for 22/23 in order to increase my pension, even though I’m already receiving it? If so, when will the amount I need to pay for 22/23 be known - at the moment the amount is not on the website record. Thanks.
  • Voluntary contribution for 22/23

    I am retired and not paying National Insurance. I will be 66 on July 26, have applied for my state pension, and have received notice of the state pension I will receive. However, I also wish to make a voluntary contribution in respect of 22/23, to boost my pension further. Is this possible? I understand from another discussion thread that the voluntary contribution amount for 22/23 won’t be known until later this year, maybe October or later. If I can make a voluntary contribution in respect of 22/23, would my increased pension be backdated to my birthday?
  • RE: Paid Voluntary NI contributions - How long is updating of the online NI records taking?

    I paid 6 years worth of voluntary contributions on 11.1.23, and was told of the normal 6 week timescale for it to be allocated. When my record was not updated within the 6 weeks I phoned the helpline who confirmed that my payment had been received but had not yet been allocated. One of your earlier responses implied that the helpline could allocate the payment during the call. Should I have been offered that option? Can I call again and have that happen? I have checked today and the payment has not been allocated.