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  • inter company vat charge

    hello, We are 2 separate companies in the UK working under same corporate name. Company A have organised transport for the products and recharging company B for it. Company A has been charged VAT on the transport invoice, when company A recharge company B for this service do they need to charge VAT from company B ? Thanks for your reply.
  • RE: VAT on Intercompany Recharges

    hello, we are 2 companies in a corporate group. Our company (A) has paid for uniforms (VAT was charged). I provided company (B) with some uniforms, I need to recharge company (B) within same corporate group and I am not sure if I should charge them VAT too? Thanks your reply is much appreciated.
  • import through wrong company

    hello, we have received quite a few invoices from UPS to pay import duty, after investigating all shipments I noticed that paperwork attached with the shipping is for another company. Now I do not know who to contact is it UPS or HMRC?