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  • Need new UTR for resident status change?

    Hello, I am a non-UK resident last tax year and got UK rental income, thus I have a UTR last year. I moved to UK and become UK resident for 2022-23 tax year which I need to apply split year treatment. I am also working as a contractor in UK for an overseas company, income in foreign dollars. Do I need to apply a new UTR for self-employed? Understand SA109 is paper form only, can I still do self assessment online and send SA109 in mail? Or everything should be submitted in paper forms?
  • RE: SRT Second automatic UK test

    Thank you. So for my case, UK home started on 1 March 2023, plus 30 days of stay, my split year date is 31 March 2023 for the 2022-23 tax year?
  • SRT Second automatic UK test

    I have a question in the SRT second automatic UK test for the point "there is or was at least one period of 91 consecutive days when you had a home in the UK". If I have a 6-month rental contract as a home in UK started in 1 March 2023, there is less than 91 consecutive days upto 5 April 2023. Is that I don't meet the point? Thanks
  • RE: Gateway ID unable to verify identity

    I was told my address will be updated 72 hours after the call and 2 weeks already now. I still not able to get identity verified with my previous Gateway ID. I did not use that Gateway ID for self assessment as my previous address is overseas. Can I just simply create another one? Is there anyway I verify my address was really updated?
  • Gateway ID unable to verify identity

    I created a Gateway ID for my personal tax account previously but I don't have a UK post code at that time. I have a UK post code now and called to update my address for my UTR. But still unable to verify identity in Gateway ID login. Should I disregard the Gateway ID and register for a new one?
  • Change from NRL to UK Tax Resident

    Hello, I was approved to join the NRL scheme in Dec 2021, receive rents without tax from my agent. I now moved to UK and will become a UK resident. My property will continue be rented out, do I need to update HMRC for my resident status change and quit the NRL scheme? In addition, I already have a UTR, do I need to apply a new UTR when I become a UK tax resident?