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  • Voluntary Class 2 NIC

    I am a sole trader and already submitted the 2022-2023 self assessment. Because my income for that tax year was low (under £6,725), I don't need to pay any NIC. What could I do if I would like to pay the voluntary class 2 NIC? Is there any form for me to fill in? Thanks.
  • Interest from joint bank account

    Hi, My wife and I have a joint bank account and interest is paid to us. Both of us are doing self assessment. How should the bank interest be split between us? Must it be half-half or we can decide ourselves? Thanks.
  • Self assessment registration

    Hi, I moved to the UK and arrived on 05-Jul-2022. Before that I have no UK ties. I rent a house in the UK before arriving and the tenancy contract started on 30-Jun-2022. Soon after I arrived, I started to receive foreign income by providing consultancy service remotely to a company in the foreign country (where I came from). The consultancy fee is paid to my foreign bank account and the first payment was received on 01-Aug-2022. Other than this, I have no other income in the UK. I also sold my residence in the foreign country and the transaction was completed on 03-Oct-2022. I would like to register Self Assessment tax return for 2022-2023. And I have the following questions. 1. Should I register using form SA1 or through business tax account? 2. I would like to apply for split year treatment. Which date was considered the start of the UK part of the tax year in my case? 3. For the self assessment, which form should I fill in? Is it only SA103 for foreign income and SA109 for split year treatment? Thank you for your advice.