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  • RE: NI contributions - differing bank account names

    Dear HMRC, Thank you for clarifying that...much appreciated! Best Wishes Steven
  • RE: NI contributions - differing bank account names

    Dear HMRC, Could you please clarify - as per my query above - whether I can use the HMRC NICO account (08-32-20 12001004) to pay my Class 2 payments into? This differs from the HMRC NIC RECEIPTS account name (although the account number is the same as that of HMRC NICO) I was asked to pay into but my bank does not list HMRC NIC RECEIPTS as a payee (but it does for HMRC NICO). Many thanks Steven
  • RE: How to Pay Voluntary National Insurance Contributions from Abroad

    Dear HMRC, Can you please confirm that I can transfer my NI contributions in arrears to the account HMRC NICO rather than HMRC NIC RECEIPTS? Both have the same sort code and account number. I was told by the ICW to pay my shortfall payments into the NIC RECEIPTS account but this does not appear on either my UK HSBC or First Direct payee options but HMRC NICO does. If the answer is "No they must go to the NIC RECEIPTS account" (even though NICO has the same account number), then how do I resolve this, given neither of the banks I have mentioned recognises this payee name? Thank You. 

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  • NI contributions - differing bank account names

    I have seen reference to this in several posts but I haven't come across a definative answer yet. Simply put, I have been asked to pay my NI contributions (and yes, I have submitted a CF83 form and received a shortfall table) into an account named, "HMRC NIC RECEIPTS". However, both HSBC and First Direct do not have this account name on their list of payees. Both banks have "HMRC NICO" with the same sort code and bank account numbers (08-32-20 12001004) as the "HMRC NIC RECEIPTS" account I have been asked to pay into. 1. Can I make my Class 2 payments into the HMRC NICO account? 2. Why doesn't HMRC clarify with the banks that they should also have HMRC NIC RECEIPTS as an account name on their payee list so that there is no confusion over this? Alternatively, why not simply direct people to pay into HMRC NICO given that the account number is exactly the same? Thank You. Steven