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Posted Thu, 08 Jun 2023 10:16:28 GMT by Christian Impollonia
Hi, I was asked by my future employer to setup Government Gateway to access my personal PAYE and forward to them to verify my employment history. The issue is that since I registered for the first time (and it's been a few days now) I've not been able to see the PAYE section at all in my homepage. I see the "latest news and updates", "6 april 2022 to 5 april 2023", "6 april 2021 to 5 april 2022", "national insurance" and so on. I believe the first of these tiles should be the PAYE tile, but it just isn't there. I tried using the app, that has a pre-built section to access the PAYE, but when I click that I go to a page with the image of a toolbox and the message "Service unavailable. There is a problem displaying this page. Please try again later". I tried calling HMRC on both the online services line and the personal income line, but neither could tell why it's not there and how to fix it. I must mention that I have been living and studying in the UK since 2019, but I have never worked here. My PAYE is supposed to be empty, but from my understanding, I should still be able to access and view that empty PAYE so I can forward it to my future employer. I would be very grateful to hear anyone's advice or if anyone has had a similar experience. There is nothing on Google that even resembles this problem. Thanks, Christian
Posted Mon, 12 Jun 2023 15:34:34 GMT by HMRC Admin 19

If the PAYE section is empty it does not show on the personal tax account.

Thank you.
Posted Tue, 19 Sep 2023 19:06:03 GMT by suchetasit
Hi, I have been working on my first job for last two months. I recently realised that HMRC has allocated 0T tax code because the starter checklist was not available. However when I tried to modify my tax code from HMRC portal. I was not able to do that because the PAYE tiles itself was missing for me. Can anyone suggest how to solve the problem ?
Posted Fri, 29 Sep 2023 09:56:28 GMT by HMRC Admin 25
Hi suchetasit,
If the PAYE tile is not showing, the employment may not be showing on HMRC records or the record needs updating.
You will need to contact the Income Tax helpline:
Income Tax: general enquiries
Thank you. 

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