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  • RE: Self Assessment refund delays

    What HMRC don't want to tell you is they can cope with the volumn of Tax Returns and staff that just can't cope. I work on a large site and loads been waiting since early April, so over 3 months which is totally unexceptable. One of the guys go a letter yesterday saying he wasn't set up for for CIS even though his been doing Self Assessment Tax returns for over 25 years, his CIS Vouchers even have his Verification Code on it, now fairly sure to get that the Main Contractors has to enter his details to show he is registered. Complete joke and it seems to get worst every year. Think a new charter should be issued and if HMRC guidelines of 6 weeks aren't met HMRC should be fined as they certainly fine us quick enough if we are late.
  • RE: Tax refund has NOT been issued - well past the prescribed "6-8 weeks".

    It would be useful if when HMRC write to say you got your Tax Return wrong (even though its correct) they included the individuals who writes to you email address, so your reply could be made via email thus saving time and saving HMRC losing the reply!!! We are in the 21st Century, well all apart from HMRC. This would save time and money.

    Name removed admin .
  • RE: Repayment Pending? It has been over 5 months

    Hi NSP2002 I think that is where the problem lies, they select far too many for their checks as they clearly don't have the staff to do this work, last year they actually closed down their Helpline which in its self is scandless. Questions for HMRC 1. What is the percetntage of those selected 50%, 60% or more? 2. Why select so many if you don't have the staff to administer these in say a 6 week time frame? 3. Has anyone selected for checks from 2023/24 tax returns been paid out yet as I certainly don't know anyone who has? Won't hold my breath on a reply as that unfortuneatly is the way HMRC is run, avoid the difficult questions. Thought the Post Office were badly run, well HMRC is no better and heads should roll
  • RE: Repayment Delays (Again)

    Just got off the phone with HMRC and was told completion date 8th August, surely this cant be right. How can it take 5 months to match my income against what Main Contractors submits against my UTR and check I am not taking the micky with expenses which in all honesty are quite low. I'd write to my local MP but he will be gone soon.
  • RE: Repayment Delays (Again)

    Is there a reason HMRC Admins haven't answered the questions?
  • RE: Repayment Delays (Again)

    OK firstly thank you for your reply. you phone line is only open from 8am to 6pm and from experience takes over an hour to actually get to talk to anyone I work 5.6 days a week and start at 8am and time I get home its normally gone 6pm and as it takes so long to get through to you can't even phone you on my breaks or luchtime. The site I work on has best part of 750 subbies on it and I have asked around and all those that have been selected by HMRC for checks haven't been paid out and were all told 6 weeks so two questions? 1. Why still no payout even though 7 weeks have now passed? 2. Any thruth in it could be upto 12 weeks which one guy said he'd was told by HMRC? What I don't understand if your working on these why havent at least some people recieved their refunds as it seems no one that is being check have and are they done in date order which they should.
  • Repayment Delays (Again)

    So once again my Tax return has been subject to HMRC Sercurity checks which I was told can take up to 6 weeks to sort, well guess what 6 weeks has now passed and still my rebate is sitting at Pending. This seems to nowadays be happening every year, what is happening at HMRC that is making this process so slow and when can I expect to recieve my refund. If HMRC can't sort themselves out maybe that should look at rate of CIS Deducted at source and maybe reduce it down to 15% as its like we are giving the Government an interest free loan every year nowadays, it never used to be like this so what is going on at HMRC?
  • RE: Pushing 4 Months and Still No Refund

    Well its now over 5 months, no refund, no change it value, no letter Have HMRC just closed down without telling us lol
  • RE: Pushing 4 Months and Still No Refund

    Still waiting repayment Be nice if HMRC would actually answer, but won't hold my breath
  • RE: Self Assesmment Payment

    I'd Cal them as guy on our site after waiting 4 months for his refund was then sent by HMRC to the wrong Bank details even though he had given HMRC the correct ones. HMRC certainly not having a good year. He then had to wait for HMRC to track this payment being return to them as Account number didn't exist before HMRC allocated it back to his Account and now its gone Pending again, probably another 4 month wait They really are useless