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  • RE: make correction in PAYE Basic Tools

    Hi, so for the first issue, after I load the backup files to a point before 06/04/2023 and then add back all the payment up to the latest one, should I just submit them in one go like the normal operation for the payroll? Because I have asked the online helpdesk. The collegue said in add a new payment in the backup, there is a special option "exceptionally add". I need to choose this otherwise, the system would double count the submission. But I can't find the "exceptionally add" in PAYE Basic Tools. May I know where can I find this out? Thank you!
  • make correction in PAYE Basic Tools

    Hi, I am working for a foreign employer and using DCNI scheme. I use PAYE Basic Tools to operate my payroll. I have two corrections that I don't know how to operate. 1. I need to correct the payment date from 5th April 2023 to 6th April 2023 for my salary of March 2023. I tried to correct the amount to 0 for the payment on 5th 2023 of 22-23 tax year. After that, I added a new payment on 6th April 2023 of 23-24 tax year. However, the tools do not allow me to add a payment with a payment date before the latest submission date, which is in Dec 2023. My question is how to add the payment back to 6th April 2023? Can I use 'add a mistimed payment'? 2. I also need to correct the period of no payment EPS. I reported the wrong period of no pament EPS, which has payment and submitted to HMRC within that period. I find that I can add a new EPS for the correct period with no payment. However, I can't find any method to remove the wrong EPS. Can anyone advise me the method? Thank you for your help!
  • RE: No self assessment in personal tax account

    Hi admin 25, I have found the online Helpdesk. The helper told me to create a new gateway id for personal tax account and add self assessment in drop down list. I have created a new gateway id, but obviously the system can detect I have an old account. so I delete the old gateway and using the new gateway id. However, it is the same. nothing inside the account. It is supposed to have a UTR in main page and a box for self assessment. Is it possible that the staff only send my father the UTR but not open access for self assessment? In this case, should I re-submitted the SA1 online with the UTR provided or requires staff to correct it? Thanks!
  • Make correction in PAYE

    Hi all, I am new to UK since Oct 2022. And I work for a HK company. So I use DCNI scheme to contribute my NI and self assessment for the income tax. 1. As my employer pays me on 7th on the month normally (if 7th is not Sat/Sun or holiday), it pays on 5th or 6th if 7th is Sat/Sun or holiday. This make some tax months have 2 payments and some have no payments. In this case, I had used the payroll calculation date in PAYE to avoid the mess. However, I just realize that the date input to PAYE must be the payment date. So how can I correct my previous payment for 22-23 tax year and 23-24 tax year? (The amount of payment also need to change due to exchange rate in different months) 2. I see the page about realign the payroll to correct tax period. It seems it just tell me to use correct payment date. I don't understand the mechanism of avoiding double payment or no payment issue I mentioned above. 3. As I use DCNI scheme, I need to do the tax return in self assessment. I have the question about what amount should I input for my income due to employment? For example: I have income of £100, NI contribution is £10. So, in the self assessment, I need to input £100 or £90? Thank you!
  • RE: No self assessment in personal tax account

    Hi, is there admins can help on this issue? Why my father got the UTR but no self assessment in his personal tax account? Thank you a lot!
  • No self assessment in personal tax account

    Hi, I have 3 questions for my father personal tax account. 1. my father registered for self assessment via SA1 by post. He received his UTR by post. However, when he log in to his personal tax account, no UTR find and no self assessment box can be selected. Is there something wrong to my father personal tax account? 2. he also find that there is a message "the tax is not calculated yet" under tax year 2021-2022. But he has never been in UK and had any connection with UK until Oct 2022. Referring to my own account, the message should be "you have paid the right amount. HMRC has no record of you being employed in this tax year so there is nothing more to pay." Is there something wrong to my father personal tax account? 3. I help him to deal with question 1 and 2, I accidentally created a new gateway id, which had not been verified. How do I delete it or just leave it? Thank you!
  • self assessment submission via 3rd party software

    Hi, I work for a HK company in UK. I use DCNI scheme to settle the NI and use self assessment to settle the tax return. As I need to apply split year treatment, I used 3rd party software to fill the return and submission. I just login to my personal tax account and I find the submitted self assessment return is under business tax account rather than the personal tax account. Is it correct? If it should be under personal tax account, how to rectify it? Thank you!