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  • RE: Can a NRL register for an online self-assessment account?

    I've not been able to change my address through the webchat I've also understood that it won't be possible for me to change to a UK address (Based on the excerpt below from If you do not have a personal tax account, You need a Government Gateway user ID and password to set up a personal tax account. If you do not already have a user ID you can create one when you sign in for the first time. You’ll need your National Insurance number or postcode and 2 of the following: a valid UK passport a UK photocard driving licence issued by the DVLA (or DVA in Northern Ireland) a payslip from the last 3 months or a P60 from your employer for the last tax year details of a tax credit claim if you made one details from a Self Assessment tax return (in the last 2 years) if you made one information held on your credit record if you have one (such as loans, credit cards or mortgages)
  • RE: Can a NRL register for an online self-assessment account?

    That's great to hear. I would like to give this a try. What are the requirements in order to: 1. verify your identity 2. obtain a government gateway user ID and password? I understand one of them is to have a UK postcode that can be verified (is this verification via postal mail?)
  • Can a NRL register for an online self-assessment account?

    I am a NRL. I'd like to submit a self-assessment through one of the HMRC recommended commercial software suppliers. To do so, I need an online self-assessment account. I have so far been unable to because my address registered is out of UK. I want to know whether this can be solved if I provide a UK address for the Self assessment team to register me with. Is there anything preventing a NRL with a UK address from registering or submitting self-assessments this way? I have a UTR, I do not have a NINO.
  • RE: Can I download and use the SA100 (2023) form ?

    Hi, I am trying two methods of submission 1. Paper submission 1.1. I was sent a "Business tax assessment form" by mistake instead of a "Personal tax assessment form" 1.2. I requested SA100 and a few accompanying forms to be mailed to me 6 weeks ago 1.3. The forms have not arrived till today How can I get the forms to me correctly and ASAP? Online submission via 3rd party - I want to use 123 e-filing (one of the HMRC recommended commercial software suppliers) as recommended by user @kevin llyod - to do that, I believe I require a "Government Gateway user ID" - However, in registering for this, the online portal tells me that "The information you gave does not match our records" Is there a way I can register for the portal so I may submit online? I am stuck with both options. Could I get advice on how best to proceed quickly?
  • How to confirm that HMRC has received my Self assessment form

    I have mailed my self assessment form over a month ago. HMRC should have received it by now. Is there a way I can confirm this?