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  • Incorrect self assessment and calculations

    Hi, It's been over 4 hours now of trying to speak to someone on the phone or via online chat and have been hung up on twice, no help, agent exited the chat after he said he was going to check my record. Last year I was sent a letter about self assessment, which I didn't understand what it was but just followed the instructions anyway as the letter was from HMRC. I then realised this was for self employed people so I left it. I then started to get more letters saying my self assessment forms were late and I would be charged. I rang up and spoke to someone about this and explained I didn't understand why I'd been asked to do self assessment but had signed into it per the letter as I was confused. He explained it and sorted this for me saying no I didn't need to do this as I've never been self employed and have been with the same employer this entire time paying my tax through my payslips etc. Today I got a letter saying my self assessment tax return for the year ending 5 April 2021 was late and I had a £100 penalty to pay. I'm so confused what is going on here, I was told this was sorted and I didn't need to worry, now this about something from 2020-2021 when I was employed on a 30 hour contract on minimum wage for the same employer (same company but I was working in store at sale advisor level, I am now working at head office as of 2022 on a salary job). The last person I did manage to speak to on the phone was not helpful and wasn't particularly nice to be honest with you, she repeatedly told me it meant I had to fill this tax return in and there was no way around it. So I've signed in online and using my P60 from 2020-2021 where I earnt £12,513.66 pounds, I have filled all these details in and it's telling me the calculation means: Total amount due for 2020-21: £42,544.20 Plus First payment on account for 2021-22: £21,272.10 Total to be added to Self Assessment account due by 31 January 2022 £63,816.30 Second payment on account for 2021-22 will be due by 31 July 2022 £21,272.10 Please what is going on, what are these figures, why is this happening to me? I have always paid tax through my PAYE with my payslip and have never ever in my life been self employed. I didn't even earn more than £13,000 in that year so why these figures on the calculation? I suffer from personal issues and this is making me feel physically sick to the stomach. On top of this I have been hung up on repeatedly, agents exiting my online chat and my previous attempt at posting a forum topic was declined. It feels like I am never going to get help with this. I hope this makes it to the board and someone can help me because I am at an absolute loss....
  • Wrongfully asked to do a self assessment penalties already sorted once causing alot of stress

    Hi Last year I received a letter about self assessment which at the time I didn't understand what it meant - I logged in and began to follow it then realised I do not need to do self assessment as I'm full time employed and have been for years. I have NEVER been self employed. I thought that I didn't need to do anymore. I started to get more letters threatening me to pay money. I eventually managed to get through to someone who went through everything with me and explained what self assessment was and what had happened, he said I didn't need to worry again and that now my account was correct. I have just received a letter telling me I'm late doing a tax return for the year ending 5 April 2021...... what is going on. What is this about? I've logged in and it says I need to pay £100 late fee. I was told this was all sorted, I do not need to be self assessed and I am not late for anything. I pay my tax through my full time job and have done all my life. I have severe mental health problems at the moment and this is making things so much worse as I am left on hold for hours, the website sends me in circles, there is no one to talk to directly via an online chat, there is no option in my account to get rid of this self assessment. Which I'm confused why was the person I last spoke to on the phone about this telling me it was all sorted and laughing at how I definitely did not need to be put through all this... and yet now you are doing it again and trying to charge me money and making it insanely difficult for me to get through to speak to anyone about this or do anything about it. I find it hard enough to live day to day without trying to sort this out when I don't even know why this is happening to me I do not have £100 to pay for a late fee and especially not one that I should not be paying and do not need to pay Please someone help me I'm at a loss at what to do and it's making me very upset. I have always paid my tax through my full time employer and feel as though I am too stupid to understand why this is happening to me