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  • RE: Transferred Swiss Pension (Pillar 3a) to UK ISA

    Sorry, I don’t think I was clear. I had a pension in Switzerland worth £26,000. It was barely making any returns (0.1% per year). As such I decided to close the pension in Switzerland, pay tax in Switzerland and transfer it lump sum to the UK. Here in the UK I put it into an ISA. I have already paid tax in Switzerland. Therefore, do I need to pay UK tax on this amount of £26,000 that I have transferred here? Please note that I am not retired (I am in my 40s). I am not receiving pension payouts regularly from Switzerland. I just transferred it from Switzerland because it was losing money when taking inflation into account.
  • Transferred Swiss Pension (Pillar 3a) to UK ISA

    Hello, I am a tax-paying UK resident, non-citizen, domiciled. I use to live in Switzerland a number of year ago, before moving to the UK. Last year I transferred a private pension from Switzerland (Pillar 3a) to my UK bank account; the amount was £26,000. I then transferred £20,000 to an ISA. in the new tax year (6 April 2023) I will transfer the balance £6,000 to an ISA. My question is, do I need to pay any tax on the amounts above? Also, I am completing an individual tax assessment for the 22/23 tax year, do I need to mention that I have transferred the above amount from my Swiss pension to a UK ISA? thank you
  • RE: Reporting savings interest

    Hello - I just wanted to confirm that one has an allowance of £1,000 per tax year on interest income? It's only above that amount that we have to pay tax? thanks
  • Minimum number of days in UK to contribute to ISA

    Good day, I am planning on moving permanently overseas this calendar year, 2023. However, before I leave, I would like to make full use of my annual ISA allowance of £20,000. Please could you advise the minimum number of days I would have to be working and living in the UK in order to contribute to my ISA for the 23/24 Tax year? Please note that I have lived in the UK for 7 years, I currently rent a property and am employed full-time (40 hours a week). Many thanks
  • Contributed to ISA after moving overseas

    Hi there, what are the implications if someone contributed to their ISA after they leave the UK for over a year? Assuming the P85 was not completed. thanks
  • RE: Non-British, non-resident - Income from UK property

    Would he need to pay tax on the UK rental to the Spanish tax authorities or to HMRC? thanks
  • Self assessment: consulting income and crypto loss

    Hello, I will be doing my first individual assessment. This is because I have done some consulting work and earned about £2,000 over the 22/23 tax year. This is something I do for extra income, and not part of my normal day job. Since this income is over my £1,000 trading allowance, I will be paying tax. However, I have also invested in crypto and made a loss of £5,000 during the same tax year. I have sold the assets. My question is, can I offset the tax due on my consulting work for the loss I made on my crypto purchase? If so, what evidence would I need to provide to HMRC? Would this have any negative implications (e.g. credit score, etc)? Thank you