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  • CGT submitted via self assesment. Amount due showing as Balancing payment due Jan 2025?

    Exchanged on property in March, completed in April. Initially attempted to submit CGT on ‘Declare and Pay CGT’ via HMRC website. As this coincided with end of financial year I waited for P60 to submit salary figure required on form. Once I got P60 I decided to do my self assessment and include the CGT figures in this thinking it would be easier. I used the appropriate page and calculator provided, arriving at the same figure I had got to using my own workings. Having submitted my return, the amount of CGT I have to pay is now showing in my statement as a ‘balancing payment’ due by end of Jan 2025? I thought CGT had to be paid within 60 days. If you declare CGT via self asses, you can longer submit the original ‘Declare and Pay’ form. Consequently I am confused, but just want to pay , and importantly avoid any late payment penalties. Needless to say I have made numerous calls to HMRC without getting through…..does anybody actually get to talk to HMRC? With a closing deadline, this situation is giving me considerable stress. Any advice or contact with advice/instruction from HMRC would be very much appreciated.
  • CGT declared on self assessment tax return

    Initially attempted to declare CGT on the on line form for this purpose, but owing to coinciding with end of financial year and a company move, was not able to get my P60 to enter salary for the year. When I eventually got the information I thought I may as well submit my self assessment and complete the section for a Capital Gain. I was under the impression this needed to be declared and paid for within 60 days. On my new ‘current situation’ page, it is now showing the exact amount of CGT as a Balancing Payment payable by end of Jan 2025? On returning to the original separate form (declare and pay CGT) there is a tick box ‘have you submitted a self assessment ‘ which I now have. The form then says you cannot continue using that form. Needless to say I have made numerous unsuccessful attempts to contact HMRC. The current information on my statement appears contradictory to what big believe is required. Clearly, a fine can be imposed for late payment, but I am attempting to do the right thing. Any immediate advice gratefully received as this is giving me considerable stress. I also attempted to do,’live chat’ but no one available. My initial attempt to register for this forum was also hampered earlier by ‘tech issues’