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  • RE: Foreign Income more than 2000

    hi hmrc admin - in above scenario, for a Non-domiciled' resident, do they also need to pay tax on full 5000 or only on 3000 as this is the amount over 2000? can you confirm please? also , if income was only 2000 then this is tax free in UK is that correct? if yes, do I need to put this into my SA online anywhere? thank you
  • Foreign Income for Non-domiciled' residents

    hi hmrc admin, I have interest income of 2500 in a given tax year and I don't plan to bring this money back to UK. I am currently residing in uk for last 16 years and working full time and paying UK tax on all UK income. I am on 40% tax rate. I was born in India and my parents are born in India, I plan to retire and live back in India after my retirement, does this mean I am a non-domiciled resident? if I am a non-domiciled resident and have 2500 interest income in a tax year, does this mean that upto 2000 i don't pay any tax and I pay 40%tax on remainder 500? OR since my foreign income is more than 2000, I pay 40% tax on all 2500 income? can you help me with above questions please? thank you
  • RE: Form 17

    Dear - Thank you for the clarification.
  • RE: Form 17

    Hello dear / I just found my old notes from 2020 and when I spoke to land registry contact centre they confirmed that they don’t hold the percentage of underlying ownership for tenants in common and when we change percentage we don’t need to notify land registry. This means only notifying Hmrc would be required to spilt the rental income in new spilt. Can you confirm the same please ? Thank you
  • RE: Form 17

    Dear Hmrc admin 2 , thank you for quick response Just to clarify, we hold the flat as tenants in common ownership, in this case, I know we can change the spilt by notifying Hmrc for taxation purposes but I don’t think we need to notify land registry every time we change the spilt, Can you confirm the same please ? That for tenants in common ownership, we always have to notify land registry when we change the spilt ? Thank you
  • Hmrc phone call recording for personal tax enquiries

    Hi there / I spoke to Hmrc contact centre to enquire about personal tax savings interest, I assume the call was recorded, can you confirm on below please 1. Was the call recorded and if yes, how many years will Hmrc keep a record of it ? 2. If I need the Information provide to my query on phone in writing, how do I obtain that ? 3. When I spoke to the agent, they took all my personal details and NI Number, does this mean that my query and the responses provided are noted toward my Hmrc profile so if needed, this can be referenced back for future enquires? 4 . Is there a way to get the call recording for that specific date and time for my query for my personal reference so I can keep a record of the same ? Thank you
  • Form 17

    Hi there I and my wife already have a flat which is on rent and we submitted the form16 with deflation or trust for to spilt income in 99(my wife)% and 1% me. This is all ok but I would like to confirm 1. How often can I change the spilt by submitting a new form 17 and trust deed? Can this be changed whenever we want like every year or there is any limitation on how many times we can change the spilt ? 2. If we want to change the spilt back to 50/50, can we do this via form 17 and trust deed whenever we want ? 3. Any profit from the same of the flat, should this be also spilt per the current spilt that is place while the flat is being sold? Thank you Thank you.
  • RE: PSA for NRE Fixed Deposit

    Thank you Hmrc admin 17 for the confirmation
  • RE: NRE Joint Account Tax Treatment

    Thank you dear
  • RE: PSA for NRE Fixed Deposit

    Thank you dear Can I not net off the psa againt interest accrued for same tax year ? Thank you