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  • only property rental income and mortgage fee

    I am a UK tax resident who owns my only property in Hong Kong(it was not "buy to let" property). I rented it out when I moved to the UK last year, but I still pay the mortgage fee for this property every month. In this case, can I subtract the mortgage fee from my taxable profits?
  • RE: income tax problem

    Hi Catherine, My company HR mention that they cannot see any notifications from HMRC to put me onto a more standard tax code, so in this case i need to contact HRMC to update my tax code? Or does everybody working(under PAYE system) in the UK can get the personal income tax allowance or it is just for the UK citizen?
  • RE: income tax problem

    Hi Catherine, Thank you for your reply. I can’t find any 1257L in my payslip, I just saw my tax code is BR0 , so in this case my company will do the refund for me?
  • income tax problem

    Hi Sir/Madam, Since this is my first year working in the UK (starting in August-2022), I would like to know if the PAYE system automatically calculates the allowance(0 to £12,570) for a person? According to my payslip, the PAYE system deducts my income directly without calculating allowances, or do i need to apply refund myself? Thank you in advance for your reply. BR