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  • RE: Bank Details for Tax Refund

    I am resending as the admin has 'cut short' my message above, but I have been waiting two months for my tax overpayment to be refunded to me, they have my bank details, no one has emailed me or sent me a letter, when are you going to let me know what happened please? I also looked in my app and no messages outstanding, I submitted the refund claim on 27th of May and now am still waiting.
  • NI overpayment refund NOT arriving

    I have return my form to have my NI overpayments refunded to me, in my app it says I should get a reply by the 14th of July, no reply yet, no money no tax overpayment in self assessment also totally ignored, no letters no emails no money in my bank account, been waiting 2 months. the 'cost of living' is made worse by this for sure, please HMRC just do the right thing and send the refund thank you
  • RE: Bank Details for Tax Refund

    Hello, I have requested online via the HMRC app a refund as I have overpaid tax, the refund application was done on the 27th of May is now the 25th of July (TWO MONTHS), the amount is not huge