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  • RE: Self Assessment tax refund

    Dear HMRC , I just submitted my first self assessment tax return for 2023-2024. I have one income for 5 weeks employment only with PAYE . The tax summary state that ‘ Total tax repayable to you for 2023-2024 £xxxxx. And My account also state that I have nothing needs to pay . May I confirm : 1) I am entitle for tax refund . Am I right? 2) Refund will automatically bank in my bank account . Am I right ? 3) What will happen next ? Anything I needs to do now ? Thank you .
  • Self Assessment SA316 and SA251

    Dear HMRC staff, My husband received SA316 and successfully submitted his self assessment 2023-2024 tax return to declare his saving interest .A reference number was given. The HMRC apps tax calculation stated that he is no need to pay the tax. However , we received SA251 today and inform us to send the tax return . May I ask. : 1)Since he had already submitted his tax return successfully, therefore it is nothing to do with the SA251 form . AmI right ? 2) The HMRC apps already state that he is no need to pay tax and the HMRC will not send us the letter for this tax return . The calculation in the apps is already the confirmed final calculation . Am I right ? Thanks for your advise . Thank you
  • RE: Tailor your return

    Thank you for your reply . May I confirm even my employment only last for five weeks with PAYE and no more jobs till now, I still need to declare this short period of my employment details. Am I right ? Thank you .
  • RE: Tailor your return

    This is my first year for tax return to declare the saving interest .I just send the question about the Tailor your return and waiting for reply . My short period of part time job from 14/11/2023 to 23/12/2023 with PAYE paid which also included with Income tax. I am not sure the question in Tailor your return page 1 ‘ Were you an employee’ whether I need to click Yes or No ? Or actually no need to fill in my employment details? Thank you .